Recent Testimonials

Difficulties Testimonials
Depression It has been a very helpful experience. I could easily talk to the therapist and she has given me so much helpful advice. I need to now continue to implement her suggestions.
Abusive relationships and Anxiety A huge helpful thank you. I wouldn’t have thought so much could be achieved in 8 weeks.
Health Anxiety Exactly what I needed, I feel much more relaxed, confident and knowledgeable on the subject of health anxiety and feel I can now tackle any worries head on.
Relationship break up, Depression My experience of this service has been outstanding. My outlook in life has changed to a more positive one. I have goals to meet now and different values to help me achieve a better life and fulfil my dreams.
Anxiety Came 6 weeks ago feeling anxious about everything! Now I am much more confident and have an excellent understanding of anxiety and how to manage it. Thank you
Anxiety, Social Anxiety I have learnt a different way of viewing things and a new way of dealing with my problems.
Relationship issues, Depression It was very helpful.
Depression, Anxiety Exceeded my expectations. Excellent therapist and process. Reached an excellent outcome and plans for future life.
Anxiety, low self esteem, perfectionism These sessions have been absolutely invaluable. I have learnt a lot about myself and strategies to deal with situations that I will continue to use and work on. I feel they will provide a massive benefit to my life.
Social anxiety It has been very helpful in making me feel better about myself.
Stress management I feel much more positive about how I am organising my life and have learnt now to delegate more and talk through problems. Thank you.
Anxiety, low self esteem Brief, but has provided with some useful skill and insight

Past Testimonials

  • ‘Feel more inclined to go out a lot more. It made me feel a lot more confident.’
  • ‘I understand myself more and feel able to cope in my own company. I feel I can go to a store and not even think about shoplifting.’
  • ‘I’ve been to therapy and group therapy before but found Hava very good as it was more interactive and I felt I could bond with her which I have never done before.’
  • One to one sessions have been very positive and have opened my mind and has helped to refocus and developed my social thinking. Without these sessions I would probably be in a worse situation than I was.’
  • ‘The layout of the sessions has been great and very enjoyable.’
  • ‘Sessions helped me to tackle my self harming thoughts and to understand of life.’
  • ‘Hava has been an inspirational professional and has been a great therapist. Hava has opened up new thoughts and has given me new ideas on how to resolve and rethink my problems that lies ahead.’
  • ‘I have gained a number of important insights from my sessions with Hava that’ll be extremely useful to me in helping to move forward. A large thank you for the professionalism and help.’
  • ‘Examining core beliefs has been very helpful. I feel these are the key to understanding why I broke down and how to prevent a relapse in the future.’
  • ‘It was good to be accompanied by Hava through my difficult experiences. I found it very hard to share these with anyone else. Thanks for everything.’
  • ‘Reinforced things I learnt before.’
  • ‘Helped me to recognize that I can move forward from what’s happened and not let what’s happened stop me living and enjoying life. Thank you.’
  • ‘Revisited past experiences and core beliefs. Management of anxiety was covered well. Hava is a very good psychologist, very approachable and knowledgeable.’
  • ‘Therapy taught me to accept situations calmly and move forward. I think I needed these sessions.’
  • ‘I learned that I got to move on and forget the past.’
  • ‘Very quick response to my suicidal thoughts. Very helpful in building confidence in understanding why I did what I did, how not to do it again.Very grateful for help, personalised to me, rapidly available.’
  • ‘I had hoped for complete recovery, a hope that I recognised as being a very difficult aim. I have through my sessions learned that it s possible to continue to practice but that getting complete freedom will at least be a lot of work politically., (Client with gender /sexual issues)
  • ‘I am grateful to have received it.’
  • ‘Being able to rationalise that being myself is enough to be happy. I can disagree with others if I wish to without guilt.’
  • ‘Looking at the ways to move on.  I still have all the paperwork you gave me and I will continue to look and use it.’
  • ‘It gave me a reason to be here. I learned what I need o do but I am not sure I know how to do it yet. Thank you.’
  • ‘Seeing that different people have different viewpoints, opinions and conclusions..
  • ‘I have learned how to examine my thought process, which led to a change in my beliefs and increased my confidence.’
  • ‘I now have insight about myself, feel I have the control to change things I need to change, and am able to be comfortable within myself. I understand myself now. I feel we dealt with the main issue of the pas trauma. My feelings were of guilt and shame but I now know I am not to blame. I have more confidence and I feel I have grown up.’
  • ‘When I met Hava I was in a very bad place. I felt an immediate connection with her. Through my sessions my life has been transformed. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Without the treatment I received, I dread to think where I would be right now ….’
  • ‘I feel that the sessions with Hava from the start to the end were a fantastic journey in which I was able to see things and understand things about myself and my thought processes that I have never understand before. Each session brought more insight towards myself whilst helping at the same time. Thank you Hava….’
  • ‘Learning to be ‘me’, knowing you don’t always have to please to be accepted and loved. Positive attention is more productive than negative. Hava has been totally supportive and understanding.’
  • ‘Opportunity to discuss situation/ issues. Tools to help address issues. Acceptance that it is OK to ‘FAIL’. The therapy is very useful to assist recognition of issues but time is required to realise the benefits.’
  • ‘Looking at my past and future was very helpful.’
  • ‘It has helped me by giving me an insight into what I feel and why.’
  • ‘Insight into why I run away. Reasons for illness and helping to prevent it happening in the future. Hava is very approachable and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable in sharing information with her.’
  • ‘It helped me to address issues that my memory blocked.’
  • ‘I found it really useful because it was completely different to the usual sessions I have with a psychologist. Your sessions gave a broader outlook in life in general. I found the discussions about philosophy fascinating particularly the idea that our own way we are all special…. I can’t begin to thank you enough.’
  • It has helped by using some of the techniques to challenge my thinking. It has also helped to challenge the way I see myself and situations.’
  • It is not an experience I would have wished to miss. It’s helped me to positive about my own goals and to discover the woman that I really am. I am very satisfied and grateful. Now that I understand CBT I can use it with others to help them.’
  • ‘Understanding how my issues became ‘compacted’. Working through how events had impacted my mental health. I am very grateful for the help and support.’
  • ‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me change my life around. You helped me to come to terms with my biggest issues namely my childhood and a burden I had carried around for years. For this I cannot thank you enough. You have shown me how to approach my new life and improve myself. I have learned tools that will help me in the future and feel so much more confident now. I wish you every success for the future. You are an amazing person. I would gladly provide feedback to support my views.’
  • ‘Thank you so much for caring enough to stick with me all these weeks. You really did reach somewhere deep inside me  and I really did believe and want to go down the ‘right’ road … I thank you so much for keeping faith in me all that time. I really can’t even begin to put into words how much that meant to me. Thank you so very much.’
  • ‘Thank you for your support over the last few months for listening to me and supporting me, the madness of [X]. You have been truthful and honest with me and have given me the confidence to express myself, to be able to give an opinion without feeling guilty of ‘offending’ and to accept that I am an individual. You have made me realize I can be accepted even if my opinion and views vary and I can ‘beg to differ’ without offending. I have learn to differentiate between positive and  negative thoughts and now finally after all these years  I realize I don’t have to be ‘ill’ to be accepted and loved and this can be unconditional without feeling  the need to ‘self-harm’. I am experiencing a range of emotions from fear, fright anxiety about my future to enthusiasm and change to improve my quality of life to work hard and be accepted for who I am.’